Digital Marketing

AI-driven solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce through the most comprehensive set of customer experience applications and services available.

Marketing Automation

Integrate content, data and personalisation efforts to transform your digital infrastructure into an intelligent, real-time customer experience powerhouse.


CreationWolf uses the only CDP that lets you act on customer data pulled from any source in real-time. Built on Adobe open platform and combined with leading analytics and audience management, we help you find and use the insights that matter.

Content & Journeys

Creative content can be innovative content. Combining creative tools with intelligent workflows to help you to make personalised content for even your most complex audiences.

  • Bring in creative assets at scale.

  • Use AI to dynamically tag and organise content.

  • Deliver personalised content to every channel

Shared real-time data, simplified content, engagement workflows and true personalisation at scale.


Batch and blast is old news. You need leading marketing automation and campaign orchestration tools to help you to create omni-channel experiences that adapt to real-time customer behaviours.

  • Define what triggers the journey.

  • Access up-to-date customer data.

  • Build and deliver the best offer in real-time.

Commerce & Conversion

Seamless customer experience from first touch through purchase and loyalty. From advertising to shopping baskets to fulfilment, we help you to move from B2B or B2C to B2Me

  • Drive traffic from your top channels.

  • Engage them with relevant content.

  • Make experiences shoppable

Optimisation & Scale

With artificial intelligence, Go way beyond A/B testing and predictively know the right action to take for every customer before you start.

  • Predict how a customer is going to behave.

  • Deliver the best content based on that prediction.

  • Learn the impact of each interact

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About Us

CreationWolf comprises experienced and passionate developers, digital marketers and analytical professionals who love sharing their skills and knowledge with their clients. We’re a family of creative minds and trained professionals from several backgrounds, including Google, Apple, and Adobe.

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